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Small Business Spotlight - LA23 BBQ (Belle Chasse)


SMALL BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT! This week, we’re showing some love to our favorite barbeque joint, LA23 BBQ. Located in Belle Chasse, LA23 BBQ is a short 20-minute drive from downtown New Orleans (it’s well worth the drive, we promise). With a casual “tin shed” ambiance and an awesome patio, LA23 serves up a wide variety of juicy and smoky deliciousness. While you’re there, you might even see owner Bobby Monstead III shoveling charcoal into one of his massive bbq pits in the back shed (see photo for proof). Currently, LA23 BBQ is open for take-out orders from 11am - 1:30pm on weekdays. Check them out – you’ll be glad you did!

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- Cory & Mary

Small Business Spotlight - Roulaison Distilling Company (New Orleans)


This is a lengthy post, but worth the read... In an effort to do our part in supporting local small businesses during these challenging times, The Cheramie Team is starting a new series that we're calling the "Small Business Spotlight". The goal is to simply raise awareness for our community's small businesses, as they are critically important to maintaining our city's character and prosperity.

We're shining our first Small Business Spotlight on Roulaison Distilling Co! Launched in New Orleans in 2016, Roulaison (pronounced roo-la-ZÔN) was started by two friends, Andrew Lohfeld and Patrick Hernandez, who had a vision to open a craft distillery. Intentionally small and designed with innovation in mind, Roulaison pushes the creative limits of rum production. Crafted using local ingredients, their products are full of robust, funky complexity.

Staying true to their innovative mission, Roulaison has pivoted its production in response to COVID-19. Now, alongside their delicious rum, they are also producing hand sanitizer! This is a perfect example of the creative measures that small business owners are taking to support their communities and keep their businesses thriving.

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Learn more about Roulaison Distilling Co by visiting their website...

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- Cory & Mary

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